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Welcome to the Underground Storage Tank (UST) program’s online services website. By clicking on the tabs you will be able to complete the associated tasks electronically.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password it can be requested using the links Forgot Username | Forgot Login Password at the “Operator Login” window.

Operator Training:
Click the “Operator Training Login” tab, enter your “Username” and “Password”, and complete the training. The training has the text body of each required module on the left and, a four question test on the right. Three of the four questions must be answered correctly in order to pass and go on to the next training module. The first three modules are required, and the remaining required modules are based on the type of UST equipment at your site. Once the training is completed you are given the option of printing a training certificate.

New Operator/Contact Application:
For individuals who wish to complete the owner/operator training or need to be a contact associated with a facility(ies) but, have not been issued a “Username” or “Password” (i.e., new employees, etc.). Click on the “New Operator” tab, complete the application, add your facility identification number, and click the “submit” button. Once the Department receives the application we will email you a “Username” and “Password” which you can then use to login at the “Operator Login” and complete the online tasks (Operator Training, Certificate of Compliance form or review Reports.

Certificate of Compliance:
Employees of an underground storage tank facility that are listed as a contact for the site will receive an email directing them to a link with the Department’s annual “Certification of Compliance” form. Requests can be made to make changes to the information on the questionnaire and, support documentation (i.e., release detection testing, corrosion protection testing, etc.) uploaded and submitted with the form to the Department.

Operators/contacts will be able to download prepared reports for facilities they are associated with.  These reports will include ownership, facility, tank, LUST and inspection information.

Delivery Prohibition:
List of facilities that currently have tank(s) that are identified as ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance of product and the tank(s) are "Red tag".
Operator Training Login Page Instructions
  Welcome to the North Dakota Department of Health’s (NDDoH) Underground Storage Tank Program’s Operator Training course. In this training program you will learn about the North Dakota requirements for regulated USTs. This training program was developed to comply with the requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The training is required for all facilities in North Dakota that have regulated underground storage tanks (USTs).

Each facility in North Dakota must designate a Class A, Class B, and a Class C operator, with the exception of unattended cardtrol facilities which only need a Class A and Class B operator. All classes of operators must be trained on UST operations. However, it is only the Class A and Class B operators that are required to take this online training course or another course approved by the NDDoH.

The testing requirements for each class of operator are different. The Class B operator is required to have the most extensive training and will have enough training to be designated as a Class A, B and C operator. Training for the Class A operator is not as extensive as the Class B. The Class A training is intended for individuals that would like to learn more about the underground storage tank rules in North Dakota, but do not need the amount of training as a Class B operator.

Note: The Class B operator will be the most common.  Upon completion of the Class B operator training you will be trained as a Class A, B and C operator.  The A and B training are not a sequence of trainings.  If you need A and B then choose B training.

If you have received a mailing from the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) with your login information, click on the “Login to Operator Training” button. If you have not received a mailing from the NDDoH and need the UST Operator Training, click on the “New Operator Application” button.

If you experience difficulties logging in or need additional help, you may call a NDDoH representative at 701.328.5166.
New Operator Instructions
  If you need UST operator training and have not received a mailing from the North Dakota Department of Health with your login information, you will need to create a new operator by completing this form. After you have completed the form, you must click on “Submit Application”. Once the information has been submitted, it will be sent to the NDDoH for review. Because of the expected large volume of new applications, it may take up to two weeks for approval. After the new operator information has been reviewed and approved by the NDDoH, an email will be sent to your email address with the login information. You will use that login information to begin operator training.
In this form you will need to decide if you will need training as a Class A or Class B Operator. A Class B Operator requires the most training and is what the majority of those taking the training will be trained as.

You will also need to add which facilities you will be trained as an operator for. To do this, click the “Add Facility” button.

If you experience difficulties or need additional help, you may call a NDDoH representative at 701.328.5166.
  Certification of Compliance Submittal  
  Welcome to the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program’s annual Certification of Compliance form.  Support documentation can now be completed online by submitting the compliance form and scanned compliance documentation i.e., release detection records for your UST systems, corrosion protection test results, monthly walk through inspection checklist, a listing of trained operators for you facility, etc. 
You will need to login to the compliance questionnaire site with your Username and Password, make any changes to your facilities questionnaire information, upload your UST systems compliance documentation, and submit the information. The Username and Password are the same as for the Operator Training. If you do not have a Username and Password you can request one using the New Operator Application link above.

If you have any questions regarding our new annual compliance procedures, please contact the Underground Storage Tank Program at 701-328-5166 or email
  Operators/contacts can download the listed prepared reports for facilities they are associated with.

Available Reports:
Facility report (with tanks, contacts, inspections, fuel testing, compliance and history)
Correspondence report
LUST report (by event)
Inspection report (compliance, closure and installation)
Certificate of Certification of Compliance report (by year)
Corrective Action - please contact the ND UST Program
Delivery Prohibition
As part of the North Dakota Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program enforcement regulations, USTs that are identified out of compliance and have not complied with the notifications, the tank(s) at the facility can be identified as ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance of product and the tank(s) will be "Red tagged". The list below identifies the facilities that have USTs that have been "Red tagged"

"Red tag" means a tag, device, or mechanism on the tank's fill pipes that clearly identifies an underground storage tank as ineligible for product delivery. The tag or device is easily visible to the product deliverer and clearly states and conveys that it is unlawful to deliver to, deposit into, or accept product into the ineligible underground storage tank. The tag, device, or mechanism is generally tamper resistant.

33-24-08-38. Mechanisms for designating tanks ineligible for delivery.
  1. Upon identifying an underground storage tank as ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance of product, the department shall notify tank owners or operators in writing (for example, field notification or mail) prior to prohibiting the delivery, deposit, or acceptance of product into the ineligible tank.
  2. After reasonable effort is made to notify the underground storage tank owner or operator in writing, the department may affix a "red tag" to the fill pipe of the noncompliant underground storage tank system using a tamper-resistant strap or straps, fill pipe bag, or any combination thereof so that the tag clearly identifies the tank as ineligible to receive product.
  3. The department shall develop a process and procedure for notifying product deliverers when an underground storage tank is ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance of product. Notice shall be made available (for example, electronic listing) to product deliverers within twenty-four hours of an underground storage tank being identified as ineligible to receive product.
North Dakota Underground Storage Tanks currently identified as 'Red Tagged'
Command item
Command item
UST IDFacility NameLocation AddressCity State ZipDate of Prohibition
There are no current UST facilities identified as 'Delivery Prohibition'